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Anime der Downfall (2004)

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Downfall (2004)

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Anime der Der Stahlhelm,

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“Der Erlkönig”, (c. 1782)

Joran van der Sloot

Within his soul, an abyss of forms and harmony, of longing and voluptuousness, was opened: hosts of winged tones, and sad and joyful melodies flew through his spirit, which was moved to its foundations: he saw a world of Pain and Hope arise within him; strong towering crags of Trust and defiant Confidence, and deep rivers of Sadness flowing by.

  • Chauvin, Lucien 9 June 2010.

  • Simultaneously, this movie provides a window into the world of Western Europe 700 years ago, when democracy did not exist, people were stratified, religious fanaticism the norm, and the world was lit only by fire.