Perverse smilies - Bill Gates Gleefully Smiles After Suggesting Unvaccinated Should Be Stripped of Social Security (WATCH)

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Understanding how COVID-19 measures violate your Charter Rights, read article 10 BUSINESS RIGHTS, FREEDOMS, VIOLATIONS AND LIABILITY RELATING TO COVID-19 Each country has its own constitution and charter of rights and freedoms for businesses.

  • THIS IS THE KEY SOLUTION: We must invert the control pyramid to take the power of the few away.

  • He that with fixed eyes deviseth?? Modern globalization, Coupled with condemnations, Unnecessary death, Matador corporations, Puppeting your frustrations, With the blinded flag, Manufacturing consent, Is the name of the game, The bottom line is money, Nobody gives a fuck.

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Canada will be no different.

  • This is a true protest that calls out the lies of the COVID-19 scam and makes the statement that TODAY MARKS THE END OF THE PANDEMIC!.

  • He risked great personal harm.