Liebe ist - Liebe ist nur ein Wort (1971)

Ist liebe Liebe Ist

What is the difference between and ? vs ?

Ist liebe Liebe ist

Ist liebe Du hast

Ist liebe Du hast

Ist liebe Love Is

Ist liebe Liebe ist

Tamara Gura

Ist liebe Liebe ist


Ist liebe Liebe

Ist liebe What is

Liebe ist f├╝r alle da

Ist liebe Rammstein

LIEBE IST ... (57 +) Sch├Âne Spr├╝che & Zitate


  • After the two devils fuse together, Liebe and Asta continue fighting them, and Liebe is thankful for Asta making him strong enough to take on these two devils.

  • Haifisch: Again, one of my favorites from the album, reminds me a lot of something I could have heard on their second album Sehnsucht.


When he enters the building with a loaded pistol, he meets the other five band members who initially hide their faces behind white masks and then reveal themselves.

  • The song begins with very calm, melodic music and Till speaking very softly and inviting As Josef Fritzl probably did with his poor daughter Elisabeth , before getting very heavy and very fast.

  • However, their union has not been perfected yet and the transformation only lasts for about 5 minutes.