Ballet star - Who was Royal Ballet star Liam Scarlett?

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Who was Royal Ballet star Liam Scarlett?

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Hometown ballet star returns to teach at MSA

Picture of Tom Oakley and girlfriend Amy Figueira 17.

  • 8 Summer Glau Pinterest Known for her role as River Tam in the films Firefly and Serenity, actress Summer Glau is no stranger to pointed toes.

  • She completed her senior year remotely and remembers taking the SATs in London between matinee and evening shows on a Saturday — in full stage make-up.

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To mark the event, RBTH tells his story and remembers other Soviet dancers who took the decision to leave their country forever in search of a better life.

  • His startling new interpretation of the fairytale prince in The Sleeping Beauty, with its foppish wit and royal disdain, would be keenly appreciated by Covent Garden audiences.

  • Ballet Star believes technique provides the platform, but only a platform, for you as an individual to radiate the beauty of dance.