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Borderline asperger Asperger/Autism Spectrum

People with milder forms of autism struggle as adults

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The overlap between autistic spectrum conditions and borderline personality disorder

Borderline asperger Asperger's Syndrome

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Do I Have AspergerÔÇÖs or Borderline Personality?

Borderline asperger Borderline personality

Borderline asperger Borderline Personality

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Asperger oder Borderline

Self-preservation is all that matters.

  • Improving Communication Communication is often a major challenge for the partner with ASD.

  • My concern is that even when they hurt you, and see the stunned reaction on your face -they continue to afflict pain without positive change, clinically known as supply.

Married to A Partner On the Autism Spectrum?

Every morning, I have to go to the toilet and then weigh myself, then have two cigarettes and a cup of coffee with my meds, then breakfast when I get into work.

  • I am great at remembering lyrics and certain numbers SS s, phone numbers, my driver's license number, and certain math equations.

  • This triad has been a huge curse all my life.