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10.7: Paul Costa and Robert McCrae and the Five

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Revised NEO Personality Inventory

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Personality trait structure as a human universal

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McCrae and Costa’s Five Factor Trait Theory

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Costa, P. T. Jr., & McCrae, R. R. (1992). NEO PI

Mccrae costa Four ways

Big Five personality traits

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Longitudinal Stability of Adult Personality

One limitation of the present model is the focus on the Big Five as a measure of personality traits.

  • The developers mainly researched the Big Five model and how the five broad factors are compatible with the 25 scales of the PID-5 for the DSM-5.

  • Chapter 7: Klein - Object Relations• there was a higher negative penalty for greater agreeableness in women, as well as a higher positive reward for greater conscientiousness.

How to build a Monster Model of Well

It has been researched across many populations and cultures and continues to be the most widely accepted theory of personality today.

  • These overlapping scales were later further analyzed by Guilford et al.

  • In a study conducted among 169 participants in leadership positions in a variety of professions, individuals were asked to take a personality test and have two evaluations completed by directly supervised subordinates.