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Aspin C, Reynolds P, Lehavot K, Taiapa J.

  • The slave's owner, however, could prosecute the rapist for property damage.

  • Craig Williams, Roman Homosexuality Oxford University Press, 1999, 2010 , p.

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As Amy Richlin has noted, "'' is not exact, 'penetrated' is not self-defined, '' misleadingly connotes inaction" in translating this group of words into English.

  • Dear Abiola, Is booty sex a reason to leave a marriage? He notes that the homo- and heterosexual exploitation of slaves, to which there are so many references in Plautus' works, is rarely mentioned in Greek New Comedy, and that many of the puns that make such a reference and Plautus' oeuvre, being comic, is full of them are only possible in Latin, and can not therefore have been mere translations from the Greek.

  • Female prostitutes were the only women in ancient Rome who wore the distinctively masculine toga.

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