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He just believes that this kind of process happens far less frequently than we believe—and furthermore, that when values are affected by reason, it is because reason triggers a new emotional response which, in turn, starts a new chain of justification.

  • For at least five generations their secret life of inbred sexual relations between brothers and sisters, uncles and nieces and fathers and daughters went unchecked.

  • Eventually we moved to a different state but about four or five years later when we went back to visit, smith asked my mom if we could get together for lunch and I remember when we said goodbye he hugged us but held his pelvis awkwardly far away.

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Another woman whose testimony is featured in the exhibition, identified only as Frau B.

  • It wasn't often that she got the house to herself.

  • 'Therefore, he does seem to have been exposed to material that was inappropriate for somebody his age and that has played a part in his offending because he has tried to enact what he saw with his sister.