Penis rot - What Should a Healthy Penis Smell Like—and What About Semen?

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How to Pierce Your Own Penis (with Pictures)

Rot penis 7 Causes

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Man's penis infected and began to ROT after he removed his piercing with a razor blade

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Rot penis Balanitis

Rot penis Balanitis

Rot penis Balanitis

The rare sexually transmitted infection that 'rots' your genitals away

Rot penis 7 Causes

Rot penis Balanitis

26 Tips How To Get Rid Of Jock Itch On Scrotum Fast

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  • 4 The best way to protect yourself from the infection is to always wear a condom Credit: Getty - Contributor But simply coming into contact with a bleeding ulcer can cause the disease to spread — think oral sex or even just touching.

  • Man with excruciating TWO DAY erection tells how doctors were forced to operate in bid to save his manhood We pay for your stories! But when they ache, you really feel it.

How To Treat a Fungal Infection On the Penis?

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  • So it should be no surprise that back pain is one of the most common ailments in modern life.