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Border Terrier Dog Breed Information & Characteristics

Trier bordel Border Terrier

Trier bordel Willow Creek

Trier bordel Damen

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Trier bordel Damen

Trier bordel Border Terrier

Border Terriers' Coat of Many Colours

Trier bordel Border Terrier

Trier bordel Border Terrier

Border Terriers: What's Good About 'Em, What's Bad About 'Em

Trier bordel Border Terriers'

Trier bordel Border Terrier

Border Terrier Dog Breed Profile


Interestingly, because this breed needed to work and live alongside other dogs, such as Fox Hounds, there was a need to veer from a traditionally-terrier temperament.

  • Border Terrier Trivia: Border Terriers come from the Cheviot Hills along the border of England and Scotland.

  • The Border Terrier is an active breed and needs daily exercise.

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  • The Border Terrier needs regular, daily exercise and enjoys being given a job to do.

  • As an obedience instructor, I have never had this happen with a Border Terrier, but I'm always extra careful when putting my hands on any terrier for a correction.