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Why is Jayesh missing from Osho’s Wild Wild Country?

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Vivek’s death at 40, and how was it untimely?

Osho vivek Vogue

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Osho vivek Vogue

Why is Jayesh missing from Osho’s Wild Wild Country?

" Newsweek, The Oregon cult with the leader with 90 golden Rolls Royces, 3 December 1984, United States Edition, National Affairs Pg.

  • And now Shashi has come as Vivek to take care of me.

  • How much the West has got is obvious the way they have tried to plant tomatoes in the style of potatoes.

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These processes of "witnessing" enable a "jump into awareness".

  • SADLY ALL FACTS RELATED WITH THIS INCIDENT REFERS TO A VERY UNCLEAR DEATH AND THIS DEMANDS AN INVESTIGATION!!!! Did they walk into the bar on their own authority or are they leaning upon one another? I heard that comment as a joke and laughed.

  • Here, living in the countryside of Maisprach, she is cut off from the world of Osho sanyasins that she was once at the heart of.