Tefnut - Ancient Egypt: the Mythology

Tefnut Tefnut: the

Tefnut Egyptian Goddess

Ancient Egyptian God Tefnut: Mythology, Symbol & Facts

Tefnut Egyptian Goddess

Egyptian Goddess Tefnut

Tefnut Tefnut: Goddess

Ancient Egypt: the Mythology

Tefnut Tefnut: the


Tefnut: the ancient Egyptian goddess of water and moisture

Tefnut Tefnut: Goddess

Tefnut Tefnut

Tefnut Egyptian Goddess

Tefnut Tefnut Archive

Tefnut: Goddess of Moisture

" -- The Gods of the Egyptians, E.

  • She took all the moisture away with her while blowing smoke and fire from her eyes and nostrils.

  • Here she had a sanctuary called the Lower Menset.

Egypt: Tefnut, Goddess of Moisture and the Moon, and Dryness and the Sun

Shu and Thoth created a red liquid to appeal to her bloodlust, tricking her and finally calming her rage.

  • She often appeared as a human hybrid where she was represented as half human and half animal.

  • In fact, she was an integral member of the Ennead the nine most important deities in Egyptian religion sort of like the 12 Olympians of Greece.

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