Femcan - Femcan farmer is looking for male longpigs for her farm in Mexico

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REAL femcan is seeking the meat of tasty males (young or old, slim or fat)

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We want to stay and help you! I could see she was beginning to feel a little uneasy at seeing me just stare at her, the small piece of saliva in the corner of my mouth couln't have helped either.

  • We don't eat women, since women are far more valuable than men.

  • com hey i am 23 years old hairless male i am an engineer and i have that strange fetish i am interested in cannibalism i feel i wanna be eaten for real its a strange feeling to feel u wanna be inside someone's else body i am looking for a real femcan i wonder if u have any interest of trying human flesh??? No volunteer ever complained aboutthe treatment and care received.

Dutch Femcan Club seeking male meat!

Nameless Pig, the Longpig portion of Longpig and the Femcans, also surprised me with his violent guitar, delivering wailing guitar solos that really complete the whole sound and add a delicious texture to it.

  • Of course she would use the rump as a roast for a party that going to happen in the next week or so.

  • nl You can also ask for snuff videos and snuff pics in which men are killed and eaten.

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