Ls17 kuhstall - LS17 Cowshed V 0.1 Kuhstall

Kuhstall ls17 AN DER

Kuhstall ls17 Untergriesbach

Platzierbarer DDR Kuhstall v1.0

Kuhstall ls17 Kuhstall 2000

Cowshed V 0.1 Kuhstall LS 17

Kuhstall ls17 AN DER

LS17 Cowshed V 0.1 Kuhstall

Kuhstall ls17 LS17 Cowshed

Kuhstall ls17 FS17 Cowshed

Kuhstall ls17 LS17 Cowshed

Kuhstall ls17 Platzierbarer DDR


Kuhstall ls17 KUHSTALL V1.0

Kuhstall ls17 Thüringer Oberland


0 HI ls freunde hier stelle ich ein Kuhstall Einbauen mit GE Es ist nicht das finale Version hier ist nur das stall ohne andere funktionen Mehr info bilder Eure bewertungen sind mir sehr viel wert Bitte verwendet den originalen Downloadlink.

  • As innovations improve within everyday changes, so it happens in farming also.

  • 0 - Added traffic - Added pedestrian - Added pedestrian - Snowmask Update - Improved perfromance - Fixed biogas plants - Fixed silos - Many textures changed - Fixed buildings collisions - Fixed tip collisions - Fixed Farmlands - Fixed Triggers - Fixed navmeshes - Fixed water triggers - Fixed doors - more bugfixes and improvements You need a new savegame! All vanilla vehicles are supported and some have additional changes , for a full list please check the manual below.


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  • And what is more, it's addictive, so you will definitely be coming back tomorrow for more! Just walk in front of the tank ladder and press Enter!! Unfortunately, the builders of the individual objects are not mentioned in the maps, otherwise I would have stated here.