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The Thong Bikini Trend Is Officially a Thing

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How to Get a Smooth Bikini Line ÔÇö Shave, Wax, Sugar, or Laser

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20 Celebrity Bikini Photos in Honor of National Bikini Day

Your next prep step: Soak your skin with warm water in a bath or shower for at least five minutes.

  • "Good quality wax removes the hair well if the technique used is performed well," Naranjo says.

  • "Unlike shaving or waxing, sugaring removes hair in the natural direction of hair growth, which helps to prevent ingrown hairs," she says, and that's especially true if you're being consistent with your sugaring appointments.

Sexy Star Swimsuit Photos: The Hottest Bikinis and Beach Selfies!

I kept the scar covered from the sun for better healing, but one of the band -aids fell off.

  • If you prefer the look of a hairless bikini line, you may choose to address it only when you're wearing a swimsuit in public; or perhaps you prefer a year-round hair-free pubic area, regardless of who may or may not see you in your scanties or less.

  • However, the general happening now is largely culpable.